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Professional Property Development in Ball Ground, GA 

Discover value-added site preparation and property development in Ball Ground, GA, from New Generation Grading. Our company specializes in land development and to prepare your land for construction with site excavation. Whether you're building a landfill or an entire subdivision, we have you covered.

Quality Construction Preparation

Land development is a crucial step to any successful construction project. With this service, we move dirt, open roads, and clear out stormwater before placing the building in your designated area. Additionally, we take great pains to preserve the quality of the land you're working with for your construction development project. Our site development company is owned and operated by a certified environmental specialist, so you never have to worry about damage to your land.

Efficient Site Development

Along with our preparation services, we also offer full-service site development for subdivisions, business parks, and landfills. During this service, our crew works tirelessly to ensure quality, one-of-a-kind results that help expand your business and boost your reputation. Contact our construction company for your next site preparation project.

Land development in Ball Ground, GA.

Comprehensive Construction for Landfills

The purpose of the construction of landfills is to isolate waste from its surrounding environment to prevent water contamination and contact with air. Ensure that your landfill property is being constructed in a manner that meets the strict regulations and specifications by utilizing our efficient landfill construction services. We specialize in all aspects of construction related to landfills and have the knowledge and expertise to tackle landfill projects of all sizes. Our services include:

  • Site Clearing
  • Construction of New Cells and Liner
  • Various Pipe Installation

From clearing the land on the potential landfill site to installing all of the necessary components, we offer construction services that will see your project from start to finish.

Effective Site Excavation Services

Our trained professionals have the equipment and know-how to handle any project that requires below ground installations with ease. Count on us to handle debris removal and offsite hauling that clears your site for the beginning of other construction activities. We deal with all scopes of projects related to excavation and our highly experienced crew, handles each job successfully. Our company’s goal is to leave your site evenly leveled and ready for use with high-quality, timely, and safe work every time.

Call us today to schedule an assessment of a property you wish to have cleared. We are proud to serve Ball Ground, Georgia, and the surrounding areas.